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Posted on April 6th in Home Page

I used to do shows about once a year at the River Rock Casino in Vancouver. Well… Richmond, I guess, technically. The guy who booked the entertainment back then, Howard Blank, knew I was a huge fan of Don Rickles. I always said the three people who made me laugh out loud the most were David Letterman, my Mom, and Rickles. He just killed me. So random and inappropriate. “Yeah, I’m going to move to Italy, sit in a café all day, watch a cat walk across the cheese!”   What the hell does that even mean? But it would drop me. The rhythm, the attitude, the shark-faced smile – he destroyed me every time. Howard told me that the next time he booked Rickles to play at the River Rock, he’d invite me down to meet him. That day finally rolled around.

Nancy and I showed up the the casino and were escorted back to the dressing room area. We were cautioned that Don was very ill and weak. He had a fever of 293 or something (I’m not a doctor) so our meeting would have to be brief. We were shown into his room, where he was seated on a sofa, watching a Dodgers game on TV. (He was a hopelessly passionate Dodgers fan.)   His illness was immediately apparent – sweaty and trembling, holding his head with one hand as he squinted at the screen. When we were introduced, he was very polite and nice, but you could tell he was tired. His wife was also mad at him, because she said he was too sick to do the show, but he had told her he hadn’t cancelled a show in fifty years and wasn’t about to tonight, either. After we chatted for a minute or so, he started to wrap up the visit. “Well it was nice meeting you both.” he said with a weak smile, “I hope you enjoy the show tonight.” I said to him “Well, we just came back to meet you. I have seen you live before, but we can’t actually stay for this show, because I’m doing a show downtown tonight.” He cocked his head and said “What kind of show?” Howard explained, “Brent is a comedian too.”   He looked up and said “Oh you’re a comic? Well sit down a minute.” and he patted the sofa beside him. I sat down and his entire demeanor changed.   He relaxed. I was a comic. Didn’t matter that he was a living legend and I was a kid from Saskatchewan, as far as he was concerned were in the same outfit. He asked what kind of show it was – “A club or what?” I said it was a corporate show at a hotel. “Oh I do a helluva lot of those! Easy, good money, zero fun.” He told me stories, asked me more questions about my act, where I play – he even roasted Newhart when I mentioned I had met him a few years earlier. As we sat there talking, Nancy said my face was like a five year old’s on Christmas morning. It was entirely surreal, yet somehow, simultaneously, the most natural thing in the world. Nancy and I expressed our appreciation for his taking the time to meet us, said our goodbyes, and as we headed for the door, he said, “Have a good show.” I said “You too”, and we left him to the game.Rickles and me

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    Posted on January 30th in Home Page, The Blog

    Some time after our beloved friend and coworker Janet Wright passed away, I spoke with her husband Bruce about how he felt she would want us to proceed with the new Corner Gas Animated project.  He said emphatically that Janet would want Emma to live on, and gave us his blessing to start looking for the new voice of Emma.  But more than his blessing, he gave us a suggestion.  He said we should audition a good friend of Janet’s, named Corinne Koslo.  Corinne lived in Vancouver for many years, and worked with Janet on a number of theatrical projects.  So I thought, “For sure – we’ll have her do a read.” but I also thought, “What are the odds that this friend of Janet’s will actually be the right one for the part?”  Well, maybe there was a bit of a guiding hand, because Corinne absolutely nailed it.  She has a similar timber in her voice, and knows Janet’s rhythm  and cadence intimately.  Every person involved in the decision, had her listed as their first choice.  It was unanimous.  When we did our first studio voice record for the first episode, the rest of the cast welcomed Corinne with open arms, and each thought there were times during the recording that it sounded so much like Janet, you wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference.  It goes without saying that Janet will be forever missed by all of us, and by all who enjoyed Corner Gas.  She can never be replaced.  But having a dear friend of hers step into Emma’s shoes, and do such an amazing job, is a bit of a soothing balm on the wound.  And it feels good.  We hope you’ll all listen with an open mind, and give Corinne a chance.  She really is terrific.

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      Posted on December 20th in Home Page, The Blog

      Since we announced that Corner Gas was getting rebooted as an animated series, I’ve been getting a lot questions on social media. Mainly, 4 questions in particular. So, I figured I’d answer those 4 most common questions here.

      Q: Is the original cast coming back?

      A: All the original main cast members are back to reprise their roles, with the exception of Janet Wright, who played Emma. Sadly, she passed away this year. Her family has said that Janet would want Emma to live on, so we are in the process of casting to find the right person to play the voice of Emma.

      Q: Will this be available in the States?

      A: We will certainly be looking to make a deal with a U.S. broadcaster, so the animated show can be seen, as Frank Sinatra said, “south of the border”.

      Q: When will this be available to watch?

      A: Our target for the broadcast premier is January 2018 – but who knows? I mean… that’s a LOT of drawing!

      Q: Will you be doing the drawing?

      A: No. We figured it would probably be best to hire actual animation professionals. Smart, eh? I oversaw the development and design of the characters and locations (the actual designing/drawing of our main cast was done by Josh Mepham, and the other regular characters by Greg Huculak.) and I’ll remain in charge of the creative choices on the show, but I’ll be relying on our animation directors and the good folks at Smiley Guy Studios to bring the pictures to life.

      So there you have it. Thanks for your questions and your interest. We’re all excited about diving head first into this project and, we really hope you enjoy it.

      Talk again soon.

      – Brent

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