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  1. Leona says:

    i’d go watch that, especially if it was posted in Outlook, Sk! Can’t wait too see it.

  2. Dick Assman says:

    I think it Looks absolutely gorgeous!!!

  3. Tim Martindale says:

    I met Mr Brent back in the early 90’s when he was still finding himself and God he was still funny as hell even back then made all of us laugh at our comedy club we had built in Surrey B.C. called Sir-Laff-a-Lots and he performed for us flawlessly , it’ll be something I’m always proud to let people know Brent’s the funniest guy ever.

    I bought 6 tickets for the Dec 4th show in Kamloops does anyone know if Brent and the gang are making any surprise pop-up’s????? Would be cool. One day I’m going to share my Sasquatch story with him lol.

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