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5 Mar 14

The initial 2 week opening theatrical run of NO CLUE is now over.  HUGE THANKS to everyone who came out.  It will still be playing on various screens around the country.  I will post them on here each week as that information becomes known.  AS OF FRIDAY Mar.28 it will be playing in the following theatres:

KELOWNA, BC – Landmark Grand 10 Theatre

MEDICINE HAT, AB – Monarch Theatre

OUTLOOK, SK – The Reel Theatre

I will be sure to post here when it is available for download.  Thanks again everybody!

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    1. Dann says:

      No distribution in the States yet for “No Clue”? I was hoping to see it tomorrow night.

    2. Robbie says:

      No showings in London Ontario? :(

    3. Sharon says:

      We saw your stand-up show in Red Deer a few weeks ago, and were scheduled to see your movie tonight, but are disappointed to see that it is not playing here. Will it be coming to Red Deer eventually?

    4. Victoria says:

      Would love to have it in the states………..down south……..Tennessee!

    5. Jeff and MaryLou says:

      Will No Clue be playing in New York ? :)

    6. Carolyn Black says:

      Saw “No Clue” last night as part of the Kamloops Film Fest. What a fabulous show! The audience laughed throughout and the applause at the end was deafening. When and where can I see it again?

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