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  1. Jay Barton says:

    Hi Brent
    I doubt if this is the proper way to contact you, but I couldn’t find any other way.
    I have your entire CORNER GAS set of DVDs, and watch them over and over. (the ONLY TV show I have ever watched more than once).

    Reference Season One, “COUSIN CARL”. At first I thought that you found someone who looks a lot like you to play Carl, but the more I watched, the more I realized it IS YOU!. So….how was the pie in the face thing done in the Sheckle and Heckle routine? And was “The Man from Glad” also played by you? I checked the credits and no names were listed for those two individuals. If both the extra parts were played by you….GENIUS!!!!!

    THANKS for that wonderful series. (I just ordered the movie)
    Jay Barton, Saginaw Texas (Fort Worth suburb)

  2. Gilrod says:

    Sorry to burst your bubble Jay, but that wasn’t me playing both parts. My Cousin Carl was played by the very hilarious comedian (and my good buddy) Mike Wilmot.

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