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20 Dec 16

Since we announced that Corner Gas was getting rebooted as an animated series, I’ve been getting a lot questions on social media. Mainly, 4 questions in particular. So, I figured I’d answer those 4 most common questions here.

Q: Is the original cast coming back?

A: All the original main cast members are back to reprise their roles, with the exception of Janet Wright, who played Emma. Sadly, she passed away this year. Her family has said that Janet would want Emma to live on, so we are in the process of casting to find the right person to play the voice …

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19 Dec 16

Drawn… as in “animated”.  We can now officially announce that we are in production on 13 episodes of a new series, called CORNER GAS: ANIMATED, which will hit the Comedy Network in early 2018 (hopefully January).

All our regular cast is coming back to voice their characters, with the exception of Janet Wright, who sadly passed away recently.  Her family has told us she would want Emma to live on, so we will be casting to find a new voice to play my character’s long suffering mother, Emma Leroy.

We made a short sample/demo that everyone involved is really happy with (it really …

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28 Feb 16

Hello Folks!


I wanted to post a note here to explain why you haven’t been receiving any of the “B.B. Bulletin” emails lately.  If you didn’t sign up for any B.B. Bulletins, there really isn’t much of a mystery about it at all. Honestly, the worst detective in the world would only take a minute, maybe minute and a half, to come up with the answer to this one. “Hang on…You didn’t sign up!” Then they’d snap their little notebook closed and strut out of the room just as smug as you please.

But if you did sign up – particularly if …

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4 Mar 15

Written by Brent Butt


Jacob was covered in sweat. This was hard work. He knew it would be mentally strenuous, but it was far more physical than he had anticipated. He held his breath, steadied his hand, and attached the final wire. With a hot spark, his terrible machine jerked, whirred, and shook to life. Jacob stepped back quickly. As the Machine’s head rose stiffly, Jacob asked, “Are you alive?” The Machine lurched and rolled from the slab to stand slowly, awkwardly upright. Jacob shouted, “Are you alive?”


“Where,…am I?” the Machine asked.


Jacob demanded, “Are you alive? Can you hear …

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