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2 Oct 14


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IT’S OFFICIAL!  Corner Gas: The Movie will be released in Cineplex theatres on DEC.3 – for 5 days only!!! So make sure you get out there and see it on the big screen.  What theatres/cities/towns it plays in hasn’t been decided yet, so let the decision-makers know you want it, by going to and click your area to #LightUpTheMap and show them where you want it!  Get other folks in your town to weigh in too, so they know the demand is there.

In the meantime, here’s a couple sneak peaks.  One… The …

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17 Jun 14

I’m happy and proud and tickled and pink to announce NO CLUE is now available on DVD and for download.  You can find it on iTunes (for either purchase or rental) as well, you can buy it online in Canada and the U.S. through Amazon.

In Canada:

In U.S.:

Rent it on YouTube here:

I’m told it’s also available for purchase at most DVD retail outlets, if you care to actually get out and go for a stroll to your local movie jobber!  Give them a call first – make sure they have it.  If they don’t, raise …

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