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20 May 14

The last episode of Corner Gas hit the airwaves on April 13, 2009 and was watched by the largest television audience of any Canadian scripted program in history.  It was a bitter sweet day for all of us involved.  It had been bitter sweet since the day I decided we should wrap it up and close up the pumps.  Since that time, there have been two questions that I hear wherever I go in this country.

1)   Why did you stop making Corner Gas?

2)   Is there ever going to be a Corner Gas movie?

To tackle question #1 first, as I am …

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14 Apr 14

 I am very happy to announce that my movie, NO CLUE, is an OFFICIAL SELECTION of this year’s LA Comedyfest.  It will open the festival, as the first feature film, screening April 24th at 7pm.  The venue is the Let Live Theatre in West Hollywood (916 N. Formosa Ave.) and you can get ticket in advance by going online to

Myself, and director Carl Bessai will be there, hopefully with some of the other cast if they can make it, to do a Q&A …

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5 Mar 14

The initial 2 week opening theatrical run of NO CLUE is now over.  HUGE THANKS to everyone who came out.  It will still be playing on various screens around the country.  I will post them on here each week as that information becomes known.  AS OF FRIDAY Mar.28 it will be playing in the following theatres:
KELOWNA, BC – Landmark Grand 10 Theatre

MEDICINE HAT, AB – Monarch Theatre

OUTLOOK, SK – The Reel Theatre
I will be sure to post here when it is available for download.  Thanks again everybody!

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25 Jan 14

People have been asking me “How can I get one of those NO CLUE postcards?”  So here’s what we’re gonna do: Post a tweet that includes and tag it with #NoClueMovie.  Over this weekend I’ll read them all and on Friday (Jan.31) I’ll randomly pick 25 of those tweets.  I’ll follow those 25 people so they can DM me their address, and I’ll send each one a signed NO CLUE postcard.  Simple, yes?  Potentially fun, yes?  Remember to get your followers to RT …

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