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10 Nov 12

Last night was the final night of filming on my movie “No Clue”.  It was an amazing and surreal experience.  Very surreal actually.  I remember, plain as day, being a fat little kid sitting in the movie theatre back in my hometown, cramming popcorn into my fat little face and thinking “I want to make a movie some day.”  So here I am – a mere three (maybe four) decades later – having wrapped production of my very own movie, starring my very own fat little face!  Ok… not so little… but, my face!  And now that shooting is complete, …

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13 Oct 12

The only real social media I participate in is Twitter, and I do enjoy it.  It’s easy, requires little commitment, and most people on there actually seem quite cool.    There’s the odd knob, sure, but you’re going to encounter some dim dorks in any environment, no reason to expect the internet to be any different.

Lately I’ve been posting some tweets about my upcoming movie “NO CLUE”.  Most of my Twitter followers are in the loop about this, because it’s something I’ve been working on (and talking about) for over two years now.  But there are also some newer folks who …

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20 May 12

Hiccups Season 2

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A lot of people have been asking me when Season 2 of “Hiccups” will be released on DVD or VOD or various other three-lettered methods of viewing shows electronically at your convenience.  Many of these queries have come to me via Twitter, which often isn’t the best place to respond to a question, due to its limit of characters allowed.  If I just said “Because, that’s why!” it would sound kind of glib and jerky.  I’m certainly not above being glib and/or jerky, but the actual answer requires a bit more room for explanation.  So here goes:

I – as content …

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13 May 12


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Hi Folks!  About a week ago, on Twitter, I posted a goofy picture of me wearing a Las Vegas style showgirl’s headdress.  It was taken of me backstage before a standup show a few years back.  Anyway, I always liked the photo, especially the dichotomy of the splashy festive feathered headwear accompanied by my sad defeated face.  I always thought if I was going to do a comedy album I’d use that photo for the cover and call it “Dignity is the Enemy”.  So, for a bit of fun, I opened that notion up to my Twitter followers and suggested …

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