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13 May 12


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Hi Folks!  About a week ago, on Twitter, I posted a goofy picture of me wearing a Las Vegas style showgirl’s headdress.  It was taken of me backstage before a standup show a few years back.  Anyway, I always liked the photo, especially the dichotomy of the splashy festive feathered headwear accompanied by my sad defeated face.  I always thought if I was going to do a comedy album I’d use that photo for the cover and call it “Dignity is the Enemy”.  So, for a bit of fun, I opened that notion up to my Twitter followers and suggested …

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4 May 12

A Million Cheezie Thanks

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On Tuesday, May 1, 2012, a man passed away at his home in Belleville, Ontario at the age of 90.  I had never met that man, but he still managed to play a role in my life.  The man’s name was James E. Marker, and he invented my favourite snacking food; Cheezies.

The word “cheezies” or “cheesies” is often used to describe any kind of cheese snack these days, but to true snackophiles there is only one; the original Hawkins brand Cheezies.  The snack company was started by Mr. Marker and W.T. Hawkins in 1949.  It was Marker who had invented …

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21 Mar 12

The Road Back

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I made it back safe and sound.

And sleepy.

There was a time – oh, let’s call it the late 80s/early 90s — in which it was not uncommon for me to hit the road for three weeks or a month at a time.  These days, it’s rare for me to go on the road for more than two days at a time, before running back home to the cozy confines of my house, and the warm embrace and relentless face licking of my wife and dog.  For clarity, the wife does the embracing…the dog does the face licking.

This trip involved six …

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14 Mar 12

Has it been two years ALREADY??!!! Must be time for me to post a new blog.  I’ll keep it brief, on account of I have about sixteen other things I should be writing right now.  The problem is – those other things are really hard.  The people who will be reading those other things have certain expectations in regard to “quality” and “pertinence” and “sensibility” and “this-doesn’t-make-any-goddam-sensisbility”.  So you can appreciate where doing one of these blogs is a more attractive proposition.

The other factor to consider is that I only have a few minutes until I have to start getting …

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