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3 Mar 10

Hiccups Premier Ratings

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Hello everybody. As you probably know by now, the world television premier of HICCUPS was this past Monday, March 1st on CTV. We were all waiting patiently Tuesday to get word from the network about our ratings. “How many people watched?” we wondered breathlessly. Well, I was breathless at least. Mind you, I had walked to the post office earlier in the day, which is about five blocks away. (Taking a moment to reach around and pat myself on the back. Uh-oh… I think I pulled something.)
Tuesday afternoon word …

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23 Oct 09

I know, I know… I should be going over the lines and learning the scenes that we’re shooting tomorrow.  But here’s the thing: I have a blog to write.  And Twitters to Tweet,… and I also have to think about what to have as a snack (gotta keep my strength up, right?) and as if that isn’t enough, there’s a hockey game on TV.  So, what’s a red-blooded Canadian boy to do?  Hang on… Montreal just scored.  Okay I’m back.

Well if I’m not going to do my work, the least I can do is blog about my work.  To that …

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25 Sep 09

Around The Table

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Well we had the very first table read through with the cast of ‘HICCUPS’. And I have to say, it was great. It was so cool to finally hear the words that have just been on the page being read by actual actors in actual voices. Up until recently the only people that I knew for sure were going to be in this thing were myself and Nancy. We had our picks for the rest of the cast, but had to wait awhile until we could get them approved and deals finalized and all that other …

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17 Sep 09

God Bless Showbusiness

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When we finish shooting HICCUPS I’m going to go right into preproduction on a TV Special.  It’s going to be with CTV and The Comedy Network as well, and it’s going to be a real fun (and hopefully funny) old school variety type comedy special, with sketches and music and special guests and all that jazzy showbiz stuff that makes the world go ‘round.

Then, in the spring of next year I start production on the feature film I wrote.  It’s called NO CLUE and I’m going to be in it as well.  See, I’m not really a good enough actor …

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