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6 Apr 17


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I used to do shows about once a year at the River Rock Casino in Vancouver. Well… Richmond, I guess, technically. The guy who booked the entertainment back then, Howard Blank, knew I was a huge fan of Don Rickles. I always said the three people who made me laugh out loud the most were David Letterman, my Mom, and Rickles. He just killed me. So random and inappropriate. “Yeah, I’m going to move to Italy, sit in a café all day, watch a cat walk across the cheese!”   What the hell does that even mean? But it would drop …

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30 Jan 17

Some time after our beloved friend and coworker Janet Wright passed away, I spoke with her husband Bruce about how he felt she would want us to proceed with the new Corner Gas Animated project.  He said emphatically that Janet would want Emma to live on, and gave us his blessing to start looking for the new voice of Emma.  But more than his blessing, he gave us a suggestion.  He said we should audition a good friend of Janet’s, named Corinne Koslo.  Corinne lived in Vancouver for many years, and worked with Janet on a number of theatrical projects.  …

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