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  1. rick says:

    I think your mullet hair is coming out in your eyebrows! Hey! You can grow your eyebrows and comb them back! Oh Yeh.. nice spectacles too!

  2. kevin smith says:

    well heck, it all started in U-tube looking for chris peterson’s old tv show “get a life”, when corner gas popped up. instantly got hooked, then watched all of the hicups. so now i was wondering why i haven’t heard of you before (i do live out in the MoJave desert).
    can i get put on an E-mail list of up comming events? i really enjoy your stuff and would like to see more thank you.

    oh yeah, your movie was great (could use more Nancy Robertson)

  3. kevin smith says:

    o.k., just saw the sign up box

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